Rebecca Malmquist, CAE, SAMA

for IAAO Vice President

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Raymond Beattie, Jr.

“To all my IAAO friends. I hope you will join me in supporting Rebecca Malmquist as she seeks the position of IAAO vice-president. I have had the privilege of working with Rebecca on the IAAO executive board and on the governance committee. Rebecca showed me a great devotion to IAAO as well as a strong work ethic in both of these positions. I am totally convinced Rebecca Malmquist would be a major asset to IAAO as their vice-president. Please vote Rebecca Malmquist.”

Tim Boncoskey

IAAO Past President 2019,
Chief of Staff,
Office of the Assessor,
Recorder and County Clerk,
County of San Diego, CA

“Rebecca is a passionate young leader that has always put IAAO first. She has built her case for an Officer by always looking to the future for IAAO.

From using new technology for headquarters operations, to shaping the U-40 Leadership Lab, to laying the foundation for the Women’s Initiative, and to helping the Board shape our social justice platform, Rebecca has been a champion!

She is serious about advancing IAAO programs to EVERY person, not too just those that can pay to attend a class or webinar here and there on a specific topic, but to all parties who call the appraisal and property tax administration community home.

She has my full support and I ask you join me in voting for Rebecca Malmquist, CAE, SAMA to move IAAO forward in a more Fair and Equitable World!”

Patrick Chapman

MAAO President

“I confidently recommend Rebecca Malmquist for the position of IAAO Vice President. Rebecca, a Certified Assessment Evaluator (CAE) and a Senior Accredited Minnesota Assessor (SAMA), excels in the areas of property tax assessment and government leadership. In my years of working with Rebecca with the Minnesota Association of Assessing Officers, I have found her totally trustworthy and engaging. Rebecca’s well-known commitment to IAAO and its membership will promote an atmosphere of openness in the entire organization.
If you want to see quality people in the IAAO leadership, join me in supporting Rebecca Malmquist for IAAO Vice President.”

Fred Chmura, AAS, FIAAO

Past-President, IAAO

I am endorsing Rebecca Malmquist for Vice President because of her long-time commitment to IAAO and the assessment profession, sincerity, professionalism. quality of character. I have had the pleasure of knowing Rebecca for over 15 years professionally and personally. Recently I have had the pleasure of serving with her on the Governance Committee. Her leadership, commitment, sincerity, and professionalism and her understanding of IAAO and needs of the members of this organization are her guiding principles. She has demonstrated a vision for IAAO and a comment to inclusion of all persons who have an interest in the assessment and appraisal profession to be not just members but involved members and leaders of IAAO.

Ed Crapo


“I am supporting Rebecca for Vice-President of IAAO because of her commitment, sincerity, and professionalism. In the over 20 years that I have known Rebecca she has been active in IAAO in all the different functions it takes to make IAAO successful. She has served in leadership positions on State and Regional organizations and nationally as a State Representative, IAAO Committee member, IAAO Committee Chair and IAAO Board Member. She has earned her CAE and become a National Instructor and was instrumental in the creation of IAAO’s Women’s Initiative. She has learned IAAO from doing it and being it. She knows where we came from and where we are going and is committed to our vision. She is always prepared, and she always participates. She is a positive personality who has the knowledge and experience to lead our organization. Please join me and vote for Rebecca Malmquist, CAE.”

Linda L. Cwiek


“I am supporting Rebecca Malmquist for IAAO Vice President because she has shown her commitment to IAAO by her involvement with numerous IAAO committees, task forces, and her presentations at IAAO conferences.

I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca when she was Chair of the Membership Committee. As Chair she demonstrated her leadership abilities and desire to promote IAAO membership and improve membership benefits.

Please vote for Rebecca for Vice President of IAAO.”

Lloyd Funk


Manitoba, Canada

I have known Rebecca Malmquist for a number of years beginning with our work on various IAAO committees where she has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to furthering the vision and goals of the IAAO and its members. Rebecca has shown her dedication to the IAAO through not only her volunteer work on committees, but also her passion to improve the IAAO experience for its members through her tireless work on the Women’s Initiative and as an instructor. I have also appreciated her willingness to listen to international members and her efforts to ensure the IAAO supports the assessment profession in all regions.

Rebecca’s commitment to the IAAO and its members is unquestionable so please join me in voting for her as IAAO Vice President this November.

Manny Gallegos

Supervising Appraiser Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor,
Past President Los Angeles County Chapter of IAAO

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Rebecca Malmquist for IAAO Vice-President. I have known Rebecca for over ten years and worked with her on various IAAO committees.
Rebecca is a “CAN DO” person.
She makes an immediate impact on any project, committee assignment, or endeavor that she focuses on.
With her experience, she has contributed and will continue to contribute to the betterment of IAAO. Her leadership will help IAAO continue its growth and future.
Please join me in voting for Rebecca for VP!

Jan Geiskes


“I know Rebecca for many years as a dedicated member of IAAO. She’s hard working to reach her goals. With her smile, humor and ongoing light pressure she gets what she wants. She has the skills to be a good vice president of IAAO. And once elected the leadership of the organization will be in good hands for the future years!”

Travis Horne

Director, Property Tax Complex

“Ms. Malmquist is not just a great assessor – she’s also a great person. Volunteering for the IAAO is extremely rewarding and she sets the standard volunteerism. I’ve admired her passion and ability to collaborate. She has my unwavering support for the IAAO Vice Presidency. Not only would the organization be well served – the whole assessment profession would be as well.”

Opal Hudson

Rebecca has a long history of servant leadership and membership uplifting within IAAO, as well as in her jurisdiction and state chapter in Minneapolis. She exemplifies transformative leadership within our association and is literally the reason I am still involved in IAAO. Rebecca’s continued efforts to inclusively grow the association, enhance the experiences of current and future members through leadership, current best practice and work-life balance education, and her passion to ensure IAAO is a safe space for everyone in the industry to join and flourish, make her the ABSOLUTE BEST choice for Vice-President. Rebecca is the only VP candidate in this race guaranteed to wholeheartedly support me, you, and every other member in our association. Please join me in voting Rebecca Malmquist for IAAO Vice-President.

Dorothy Jacks

2018 IAAO President
Palm Beach County Property
West Palm Beach, Florida

“Rebecca Malmquist is uniquely qualified to serve as IAAO’s next Vice President, she leads a busy and vibrant assessment office while also progressively working in many capacities with IAAO. She will bring fresh ideas but with a thorough perspective of our organization. As someone who has worked with Rebecca on many IAAO initiatives, I am proud to endorse her candidacy.”

Kenneth L. Joyner

Assessor, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

“I have known Rebecca for 13 years and I have always been impressed with knowledge and professionalism. Her time on the IAAO Board of Directors is testimony to her dedication and passion to our profession, her desire to see the IAAO continue to be the preeminent mass appraisal organization in the world, and her desire to see both our profession and the IAAO to become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Her election to the position of Vice-President places the leadership of the IAAO in good hands, moving in the right direction, for the next 4 years!”

Peter F. Korpacz


“I have known Rebecca for many years and always found her to be well spoken, knowledgeable, and kind and considerate to others. These are admirable qualities for IAAO leadership. Her service to IAAO is remarkable as she served competently and tirelessly on the Board of Directors, Governance Committee, Strategic Planning Task Force, Finance Committee, and numerous other important committees.

I fully endorse her candidacy for IAAO Vice President.”

John G. Lindsay, AMAA

Senior Consultant
Transitional Solutions-Inc.
Alberta, Canada.

“Its my pleasure to endorse Rebecca for IAAO Vice President.

I have known Rebecca for over 10 years, she is a person committed to the betterment of our industry and our organisation.  Her industry knowledge, aptitude to learn, integrity and leadership skills will be a welcomed addition to our Board and contribute immensely to its continued successes.

After reviewing both Rebecca’s Goals and Commitments, it remains clear to me that she indeed has the vision and attitude necessary to move our organization forward.

Please join me in supporting Rebecca Malmquist, CAE for the position of IAAO Vice President.”

Edye McCarthy, IAO

Town of Greenburgh, New York

“I am endorsing Rebecca Malmquist for first Vice President of IAAO.  She is the consummate professional.  Rebecca is always willing to assist wherever and whenever needed.  I have found over the past 10 years that I have known Rebecca, that she is vivacious, energetic, and extremely educationally oriented.  It has seemed over the years that helping others, is her passion, educating others is her goal and being a progressive thinker is only one of her many attributes.

In my opinion, we as members of IAAO, could not support a more forward-thinking candidate to have our best interest and move this organization forward.”

Daryl Moeller

MAAO Immediate Past President
Mille Lacs County Assessor

“I am endorsing Rebecca Malmquist, for the position of IAAO Vice President. Rebecca is one of the most committed members of the Minnesota Association of Assessing Officers (MAAO). She has been an active assessor since she joined the profession and our organization. Rebecca held the position of editor of our John A. Zangerle award-winning publication, Equal Eyes. Rebecca is also our current MAAO Membership Coordinator, a position that needs commitment, organization and attention to details to maintain accurate data for all of our members. When I joined the assessing profession, Rebecca was there promoting MAAO and the benefits of being a member. With the help of Rebecca, Minnesota is near 100% of the assessors being members of MAAO. Rebecca is a leader for our organization also. She is an instructor for LEAD Leadership course, Form Report Instructor and Grader and has been the President of her Region IX Counties. She is amazing for MAAO and she will be as amazing for IAAO. Please vote for Rebecca Malmquist for the next Vice President of IAAO.”

Tiffany Opheikens, RES

“One candidate, and only one candidate for V.P. is leading our organization with diversity and inclusion as a priority. And she was doing this long before it was a buzzword or discussed on the nightly news. My first year on a IAAO committee, she introduced me to others, included me in after-work plans, and made me feel welcome and wanted. This is Rebecca! Additionally, she has the leadership skills and technological background to move IAAO forward during these turbulent times. She started in a small jurisdiction and is now leading one of the largest in her state. She understands the spectrum of our responsibilities as assessment professionals and will use that knowledge to guide the decisions made for our organization. She also has a knack to get the best out of the people she works alongside. I have had the pleasure of working with her on several conference presentations and the beginnings of the Women’s Initiative Network. She is so passionate about the IAAO and I know she is the best candidate. Please join me in supporting her.”

W.A. (Pete) Rodda

2016 President, IAAO

“I am endorsing Rebecca Malmquist for Vice President because of her quality of character and her obvious dedication to the IAAO. She has demonstrated her commitment by earning a professional designation, and has a lengthy record of service as a member of multiple committees or as a Committee Chair. She has served with distinction on the Board of Directors from 2018 through 2020, providing relevant recent service on the Board. She is committed to “working” the Strategic Plan and continuing the success the IAAO has enjoyed over the past 10+ years.

I encourage you to vote for Rebecca for Vice President!”

Christa Rush, RES

Appraiser Analyst
Arizona State Board of Equalization

“Over the years as an IAAO member I have witnessed ways in which Rebecca Malmquist has the ability, desire and leadership skills to be the best candidate for Vice President of the International Association of Assessing Officers.­During my acquaintance with Rebecca she has and continues to be a person who promotes empowerment, information and involvement.­ Her contributions are truly valuable to the ad valorem community and therefore, I highly recommend Rebecca Malmquist as the Vice President of IAAO and look forward to her continued leadership and example.­”

Tina Stone

Personal Property Division Manager
North Carolina Department of Revenue

“I have had the pleasure of getting to know her professionally and personally, as a past board member I understand what type of leadership IAAO needs and fully endorse Rebecca Malmquist as the next IAAO Vice President. Rebecca Malmquist service and dedication to IAAO and its members exemplifies leadership. She embodies integrity, she is a strong communicator, she is innovative, and she is a visionary. Her bio speaks for itself with her experience and accomplishments, but this represents only a small glimpse of who she is and who she will become. Rebecca’s self-confidence and passion coupled with her personality and other leadership skills will allow her to lead IAAO into the future.”


Administrators Property Tax Division
Iowa Department of Revenue

“Becky has been an active, productive member of both MAAO and IAAO for many years. I’ve known Becky since she first started in the profession as an appraiser and she has continuously contributed to her professional associations and sought and accepted more responsibility and more difficult positions, particularly in her position as City Assessor for Minneapolis. She has demonstrated her commitment to IAAO through all of the committee positions and her tireless work for IAAO. She is also a great person to know on a personal level.”

Kevin Ternes

CAE, CG-2003
Retired, Past President of ND Assessor’s Association
IAAO Grader
Current Fee Appraiser in ND

“I look forward to voting for Rebecca Malmquist for IAAO Vice President and I invite all my midwestern assessor friends and past colleagues to do so also. She has been a volunteer who has given and continues to give countless hours of her personal time for the advancement of IAAO. This includes her years spent on committee work, helping chair the IAAO International Conference in Minneapolis that was so successful, and her work as an Executive Board member.

I support Rebecca for IAAO Vice President!”

Scott Teruya

“Aloha fellow IAAO members,

I am endorsing Rebecca Malmquist, CAE for the position of IAAO Vice President. I had the pleasure to have served with Rebecca on the Board of Directors from 2018 -2020. Her dedication and passion for the assessment profession and IAAO is demonstrated through her service on many committees, as a state representative, as a professional designation advisor, as an instructor, co-founding the women’s initiative, presentations at each annual conference and the list goes on.

She is committed to the goals of the association and will execute them with all of you members in mind.

I have no doubt that Rebecca will make a fantastic Vice President for IAAO, so please join me in voting for her in November.


John E. Ulibarri

Weber County Assessor

“I enthusiastically endorse Rebecca Malmquist for the office of IAAO Vice President. I have known Rebecca for several years. She is intelligent, warm, and engaging as a person. Rebecca is also a true leader. Rebecca sees change as something to embrace rather than an obstacle to overcome. She anticipates change and moves to adapt beforehand, instead of reacting later. Rebecca seeks wise counsel when necessary and provides the same when asked. Most importantly, Rebecca leads from the front. She digs in and does the work instead of just delegating tasks. All of these points speak to her capacity as a leader. Rebecca Malmquist is just what we need as IAAO Vice president.”

Ken Voss

Kenneth Voss & Associates

“I was introduced to Rebecca in 1999 when she was a student in an IAAO course in Minnesota. Since that student-instructor relationship. I have followed her career path. The task was easy. Rebecca continued to taking IAAO courses, working on a designation for both IAAO and Minnesota. She was continuously being selected to serve on various IAAO committees. These committee appointments have a major impact in the maintaining the high high standards of IAAO.

Concurrently, Rebecca has been serving both IAAO and her State organization, MAAO since 1998. During this time Rebecca has earned both the IAAO prestigious CAE designation in 2008 and the Matyida Zurowska Hudak Member of the Year in 2018. In addition, she is a National Instructor for IAAO and the founder of the Women’s Initiative Network (WIN).

It is my professional opinion as a long-time IAAO member, Rebecca has all the qualities and experience to lead IAAO. I highly recommend and endorse Rebecca as a candidate for Vice-President. She will serve the organization and membership in a highly ethical and professional manner.”

Mark Wyers


“I humbly and wholeheartedly support Rebecca Malmquist, my friend and colleague, for IAAO Vice President.  I have known Rebecca for many years, going back to when we attended the IAAO Instructor Training Workshop at the same time.  She is a born leader, perseveres in all she does, and will do an outstanding job as our Vice President.”