Rebecca Malmquist, CAE, SAMA

for IAAO Vice President

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Responsive Leadership

As IAAO Vice President, I will never forget that I work for you. Good leadership starts with listening, being empathetic, humble and resilient.

Growing and Enhancing Membership

The strength of IAAO comes from its membership. Attracting new members from around the world ensures our long-term success. Obtaining new members is the first step, the next step is retaining their membership. We need to provide and promote meaningful benefits that make members want to stay and to engage.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

My commitment to these values is unwavering across all the work we do. They are central to who we are as an organization and to the impact we can make. Having varied perspective helps generate better ideas to solve the complex problems in our changing world.

About Rebecca

Rebecca L. Malmquist, CAE, SAMA
City Assessor
City of Minneapolis Assessor’s Office | Minneapolis, Minnesota

It is an exciting time for IAAO! With energetic staff, engaged members and dedicated leadership, we can continue to move our organization in a positive direction into future.

My goals are
  • to provide an enhanced member experience,
  • continue the critical work on diversity, equity and inclusion,
  • grow the organization globally and
  • all while continuing to lead the world in mass appraisal, mass appraisal education, assessment administration and property tax policy.
My Commitment

I will continue my active engagement in IAAO by bringing my passion for service as an officer. Through local, state and IAAO involvement, I have served assessment professionals like us for over two decades.

I will lead with passion, dedication, empathy, and enthusiasm as your Vice President!

I respectfully ask for your vote for IAAO Vice President. Thank you!